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A big thank you to our Alpha community. It’s finally time to complete your KYC and claim your rewards. Just update your current Alpha App on Play Store and you’re ready to go 🚀

Here’s all the information required and the process to follow:

KYC will be open until 15th August 2022 then it will close. After it closes, it will NOT be possible to claim your rewards!

KYC app will be released slowly to the community for the first week (for technology reasons) then from the second week, it will be fully open to the community.

👉 ID verification will take up to 48 hours.

👉 Name on ID must match the name on your TG account.

👉 All accounts with duplicate IDs will be blacklisted!

👉 Only active referrals (referrals mining or ad watching for 7 days or more) will allow you to gain your referral rewards.

👉 After successful KYC completion, your Mining & Ad rewards will be automatically converted from G-BUCKS to GAMI tokens. Once your referrals successfully complete their KYC then your referral rewards will be automatically converted to GAMI tokens too.


GAMI is a BEP20 crypto currency and currently trades on Bitmart and Pancakeswap

G-BUCKS (In game Non Crypto Currency & holds no commercial value)

USD is the currency of the United States

*Please NOTE, all Mining, Ad Watching & Referrals will be stopped during the KYC process. Also, no NEW signups will be possible during this period!

Genesis NFTs

Use GAMI tokens to purchase Genesis NFTs. These special NFTs allow:

✔️ To play — Player versus Player battles to qualify for rewarded tournaments

✔️ To enter rewarded tournaments. For example: your skill level from PvP battles qualifies you for the Mythical Tournament (highest paying tournament), but you do NOT own a Mythical character, this means you can’t take part in the Mythical tournament unless you buy a Mythical character or rent it from a Guild

✔️ To rent NFTs and earn passive income

Important Notes

1) Price of NFTs are in USD and there is a 50% discount on all NFTs for our Alpha community members

2) G-BUCKS will be converted to GAMIs with the conversion rate of 1 G-BUCK = 10 GAMIs

3) GAMI price in USD will be at 0.01 USD (taking a 30-day average and rounded up)

4) All NFTS are sold in USD, so you will need to have the correct amount of GAMIs to buy an NFT

Mythical = 100,000 GAMI

Legendary = 50,000 GAMI

Epic = 15,000 GAMI

Rare = 5,000 GAMI

Uncommon = 500 GAMI

Common = 50 GAMI

5) Minimum GAMIs required for vesting is 5,000 or more remaining after any NFT purchases

6) Any GAMIs below 5,000 that has not been converted to NFTs by the end of the KYC process will be burned

7) Your NFT(s) will be air dropped to the wallet address provided during the KYC process once the Beta game is released

8) Please note, more value and earning potential will be gained by purchasing a higher tier NFT rather than many lower tier NFTs (use your GAMI wisely)

If you have any further questions or require any help with the KYC process, please reach out to our admins on Telegram.

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