Countdown Begins with a $2000 Giveaway!

2 min readApr 20, 2022

With our First Mobile Game — KnockoutWars™ being released end of the month, we decided to have a pre-celebration giving away $GAMI Tokens and Limited Edition NFTs.

Here’s a quick breakdown of everything you need to know about KnockoutWar™:

Your full on immersive battle experience on mobile. Battle one on one or team vs team in a fast action fireball frenzy match, earning booty and winning victory for your Empire!

⚔️ Historic Character NFTs

⚔️ Play&Earn Tournaments

⚔️ Partnership Giveaways

⚔️ Sponsored Battles

Gleam campaign

Here are some tasks on Gleam in order to secure your chance of winning $GAMI tokens and Limited Character NFTs:

✔️Sign-up & Visit

✔️Follow @Gami_NFT on Twitter

✔️Retweet pinned message on Twitter

✔️Follow @Gami_NFT on Telegram

✔️Answer the question: How many projects were advertised on the side banners?

✔️Refer friends for extra entries

Be sure to complete all the tasks as soon as possible, we expect the competition to be tight!

Make sure to invite your friends for a higher chance of winning the $2000 giveaway.

To join our Gleam campaign, head over to this page and check out the full task list:

Play you’s soon on KnockoutWars™

Team GAMI 🎮


$GAMI Token available on:








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