GAMI: Play&Earn Gaming Studio Leveraging Blockchain and NFT Technology

GAMI is a play&earn blockchain based gaming studio, leveraging AR, VR and NFT technologies to give gamers the ultimate playing experiences and rewarding them for their enjoyment. This new gaming world begins with two epic games.


Enter into the ring in a fast-paced close combat fighting game with weapons of your choice using AR. Battle against players around the world, enter tournaments and taste victory as you earn and bring glory to your Empire!


Your full on immersive battle experience on mobile using AR. Battle one on one or team vs team in a fast action fireball frenzy match, earning booty and winning victory for your Empire!

Why is GAMI unique?

For mainstream gamers to fully adopt and benefit from the Play&Earn revolution requires them to bridge their knowledge gap of blockchain technology, in particular, being the sole custodian of their wallet and the assets owned! It is complex, daunting and will require time and education for this knowledge gap to be bridged and for mass adoption to take place.

GAMI is adopting a dual model ecosystem to ensure there are no barriers to adoption and mainstream gamers can enjoy the games created by GAMI Studio without being scared off by the technology and ownership responsibilities that they may not be ready for at the start of their journey.

Gamers can play the games as a Free-to-Play model and enjoy the games as pure entertainment with their friends. Once they become more immersed into the game and become skilled and attain high MMA scores, they will qualify for the reward (crypto) tournaments. This is when they can choose to learn more about the benefits of Play&Earn component of the game and make the transition on their own terms, with the help of the app and the community!

GAMI Studio empowers gamers to have full ownership of their in-game assets (NFTs) and the freedom to monetize them as they choose, the total opposite of current mainstream games!

It also allows gamers to stake their tokens and become members of their chosen empire (DAO) and take part in the decision-making process (governing council & treasury). Enjoying NFT drops and passive income.

Unlike some games, GAMI provides its users a platform to voice their opinions and participate in the decision making, as to what direction the platform should take.

How to Play

Gamers can choose characters from historic civilizations; join an empire and fight in ranked PvP battles. Increase MMA score and qualify for Battle Tournaments against warriors from opposing empires. Win and gain victory for your empire and share in the booty.

The gameplay has three main components:




Characters and Empires

There are three characters currently on the platform representing the following empires: Vikings, Samurais and Ottomans.


$GAMI is the native token of the platform that powers the ecosystem.

Token Utility

The GAMI token has many use cases within the Gaming Studio platform.


The team is made up of entrepreneurs, technical geeks, and creative people, who are passionate about blockchain and gaming.


Q3 2021

Q4 2021

Q1 2022

Q2 2022


Public Sale: 1%
TGE unlock 10%
Linear vest- 9 months

Onboarding: 5%
Linear vest- 8 months

Community Growth: 5%
TGE unlock 1%
Linear vest- 48 months

Partnership: 5%
TGE unlock 2%
Linear vest- 24 months

Liquidity: 5%
TGE unlock 5%
Linear vest- 6 months

Team: 15%
3 months Cliff
Linear vest- 45 months

Foundation: 20%
TGE unlock 0.75%
Linear vest- 12 months

Reward Pool: 44%
Linear vest- 48 months



GAMI is a Web3 gaming studio creating immersive Play&Earn mobile games, leveraging Blockchain, NFT and AR technologies to disrupt the mobile gaming industry.

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GAMI is a Web3 gaming studio creating immersive Play&Earn mobile games, leveraging Blockchain, NFT and AR technologies to disrupt the mobile gaming industry.