Knockout Wars — Closed Beta Is Here!

2 min readSep 29, 2022

We’re really excited to announce that our community will get early access to play & test our first game ‘Knockout Wars’.

Early access will be given separately to the following groups over the coming weeks to test security, stability and for us to receive feedback on how to improve the game!

First group to gain access:

Our OG group.

Second group to gain access:

IDO, NFT Pre Sale, anyone holding 5,000 or more GAMI, Rare and higher NFT holders

Third group to gain access:

Anyone holding an Uncommon NFT

Fourth group to gain access:

Anyone holding a common NFT

Weekly competitions will start once security & stability is established.

Competition rewards will be in the form of NFTs and G-BUCKS during the Closed Beta period.

IMPORTANT — G-BUCKS value will not be pegged to the dollar. It will have a new reduced value which will be outlined once we go into the Open Beta version of the game.

We expect the Closed Beta testing to last for 8 weeks (approx).

Once we’re happy with the security & stability of the game, we will release an Open Beta version.

The Open Beta version of the game will include the following:

Our Alpha community members will get access to their NFT/s and be able to play Knockout Wars with their NFT characters.

You will be able to Buy & Sell your NFT/s on secondary markets.

We will release our exciting NEW Lifetime Referral program. Keep an eye out for that!

And finally, weekly Lottery draw for everyone that holds an NFT character.

It’s been a long time and the game is finally here. We want to thank our community for all your patience & support! 🚀




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